Quinoa & Black Bean Stuffed Acorn Squash (V, GF)

Since my blog name has the word “health” in it I feel obligated to occasionally post recipes that are genuinely super healthy and will leave you feeling good after eating it. Here is one of those recipes.

Did you know Acorn Squash is extremely nutrient-dense with vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system, improve vision & skin health, improves digestion, and can help lower blood pressure?  So basically, Acorn Squash is just as awesome as it is delicious.

I use to HATE quinoa and only just recently fell in love with it,  so it’s funny to me that I would make a recipe with quinoa in it. I guess I just had to figure out how I liked it cooked… Which is in broth to give it some flavor, there is no way you will catch me eating quinoa that has been cooked in plain water. I know, I’m super picky. But I am so glad I found a way that I like to eat it because quinoa is super nutritious and is one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids.

I hope you love this recipe is it not only nutritious but also tasty, filling, and satisfying.

If you try this recipe, don’t forget to let me know what you think! Leave a comment below,  on Facebook, or snap a pic of your results and tag #healthconsciouskitchen on Instagram.



1 Acorn Squash

1 Tablespoon Extra virgin olive oil

1 Cup Tri-colored Quinoa

2 Cups Not-Chick’n Broth (or vegetable broth)

1 Tablespoon Vegan Butter

1 Teaspoon minced garlic

1/2 Lemon, juiced

1 Tablespoon Nutritional Yeast

2 Cups Baby Spinach

1 Cup canned Black beans, drained & rinsed

Salt & black pepper

Garnishes (optional)

Lemon Juice



  1. Cut acorn squash in half length-wise, scoop out seeds, brush with olive oil and generously sprinkle with salt and pepper. Lay cut side down on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. Bake at 400°F 25-30 minutes, or until fork tender.
  2. Meanwhile, Cook quinoa in a 3qt saucepan with broth and vegan butter over medium-high heat until most of the liquid is absorbed *Takes about 8-10 minutes after bringing to a boil*
  3. Add garlic, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, spinach and black beans to quinoa. Stir, lower heat to medium, cook mixture a minute longer or until spinach is wilted. Remove from heat, cover, and let steam 10 minutes.
  4. Taste quinoa black bean stuffing and add salt and pepper if desired.
  5. Pile quinoa stuffing on top squash halves

Serves: 2_DSC1191



2 Comments Add yours

  1. elliebleu says:

    I always look for new ways to use squash. This recipe looks delicious.


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