Roasted Vegetable Pasta (V/GF)

This is one of my new favorite weeknight dinners. It can be made in 30-Minutes, super easy, filling, and loaded with veggies. Oven roasting vegetables is my most favorite way to cook vegetables and I LOVE pasta, so why not combine the two? I decided to go with a sun dried tomato sauce that is…

Healthy No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecakes (V/GF/RSF)

The taste of pumpkin pie without all the sugar and guilt of eating something unhealthy, yes please! I have been trying to cut back on sugary treats as of lately which is SO difficult for me, curse this hereditary sweet tooth. Creating healthy little sweet treats like this one has definitely been helping a ton….

General Tso’s Tofu (V/GF)

One of -what used to be- my most favorite Chinese Restaurant dishes, made vegan! I’m lucky enough to have a plant powered Asian cuisine restaurant close, but it is a once a month treat to get to eat there, so I like to make my own versions for the in between. This isn’t the quickest…

Vegan Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lately my most favorite thing to do with cookie dough is roll it into balls, freeze them, and only bake a few at a time when I am craving something sweet.  It helps keep me from overindulging. Plus its great to have on hand when I have guest over, and want to make them a…

Southwestern Breakfast Bites (V/ GF)

I admit that I’m not a huge breakfast person -I like eating it but don’t like taking my time making it on busy days-, which is why I don’t have very many breakfast recipes that are not pancakes. I often will just grab a banana or make some oatmeal real quick, something quick and easy….